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Baby Milestone Photography

For any family, the birth of a new baby is a special occasion that many parents celebrate and cherish. One way many parents choose to welcome their baby is with a newborn photoshoot. Of course, a newborn baby photo shoot is a wonderful way to remember your baby when they are teeny tiny.

However, there are many incredible milestones throughout your baby’s first year of life that you can capture through photography and cherish for a lifetime. With the help of a professional photographer you can capture their first smiles, their little hands learning to hold yours, photographs of them crawling, and even their first steps.

A baby milestone sessions with a photographer can be a beautiful way to celebrate your child’s first year, and capture so much more than those initial newborn snuggles. You can also include other family members in the photos, or take family milestone portraits as your baby grows.

If you are unsure whether a baby milestone session is for you, read on to discover all the wonderful milestone photographs you can take over your child’s first year of life.

1.   Newborn: 1- 3 weeks old 

Newborn photoshoots take place within a baby’s first two weeks of life and capture all those cute little details, such as tiny fingernails and little toes. Your baby is very sleepy, and flexible at this age so newborn photographers can pose your baby in some very cute positions with soft backgrounds and snuggly blankets.

Newborn photographers are brilliant at capturing all those sweet little moments between you and your baby, and it is even more special knowing that the newborn stage only lasts a short time. During a newborn baby photo session, very young babies are likely to be snoozing and snuggled up, this can make for some beautiful photographs for your milestone Newborn Portrait Session.

Taking newborn photographs as part of a baby milestone session will show you how amazingly fast your baby has grown by the time you take the next set of photos.

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2.   Age 2- 3 months

Photos taken of your baby between 2-3 months will capture your baby with their eyes open taking in the world around them. At the age of 2-3 months, babies are more active, and your baby may be making small movements, kicking their legs, and reaching for you which makes for lovely pictures.

At this age, your photographer may be able to capture their first smiles and giggles as they play with their parents or interact with a soft toy. It is a special age as they are still a young baby, yet they are also becoming more active.

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3.   Age 3-6 months

Between the age of 3- 6 months, you see your baby learning to crawl, practising tummy time, and moving a lot more. Your photographer can get some very sweet photos of your baby playing on their tummy with a toy, rolling over, or mid crawl towards a toy they love.

4.   Age 6-9 months

By the age of 6 months, your baby will be on the move and much more active. Some babies will be able to sit up straight between the 6-9 month milestone so you can get some beautiful sitting photos as your baby looks at the camera.

As your baby is older you can introduce some playful ideas into your photos. For example, your baby could be playing with a soft book or engaging with a rattle or much-loved family toy.

As your baby is more alert and active, it would be the perfect time to include brothers or sisters in the photos or maybe even pets. Your baby will be able to interact with their siblings and you can capture some beautiful pictures of your children laughing and playing together.

If this is your first child you could take a family portrait, as the 6-month milestone is very special. This is also something that you could repeat on their 1st birthday, to show how much your baby has grown.

5.   9-11 Months

At the 9-month milestone, your baby will be moving around, potentially even learning to stand on their feet and pulling themselves up. Other babies may be in full crawl mode or scooting around. It is a very active stage as your baby is becoming more in-control of their body.

This milestone is a great time to take a photo of your baby on the move. They could be standing up holding a soft toy or they could be confidently sitting up, busy playing while you capture a photo of them smiling or laughing. If your baby enjoys walking toys you could take photos of them pushing a baby walker filled with building blocks displaying their age.

These photos will be the last photo session before their 1st birthday so enjoy making the photos playful and fun, allowing your baby to show off their beautiful personality.

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6.   1st Birthday Shoot

The final milestone in the baby milestone photo session is of course the 1st birthday shoot. This is an important and special milestone for you and your family that you will want to capture and cherish.


Many parents choose a theme for their baby’s first birthday photoshoot. Here are some popular ideas for a baby’s first birthday shoot that look great on camera:

●     Cake Smash. A small cake is bought by the parents, specially made for your baby to smash and play with to get some funny birthday photos.

●     Balloons. You can make a spectacular picture of your baby holding some giant balloons in their favourite colour or the shape of a number 1. You could also position your baby in front of an eye-catching balloon arch as they smile and laugh.

●     Tin Bath. It may sound a little odd or old-fashioned but taking a photo of your baby enjoying a bubble bath in a tin bath can look very cute.

●     Chasing Bubbles. Babies love bubbles and if your baby is walking by their 1st birthday you can capture some gorgeous photographs of them chasing bubbles.

cake smash

Final Thoughts.

There are so many wonderful moments you can capture of your baby during the first year of their life with a baby milestone session. With the help of a professional photographer, you will be able to create a beautiful keepsake of your baby’s first year, which you will also be able to share with your family.


Taking a baby milestone photo sessions with a professional photographer will guarantee that you capture all those wonderful smiles and details of your baby in perfect quality, and as the photos are in high quality you will be able to enlarge photographs for framing and displaying in your home.


Talk to your photographer about the ideas and style you would like for your baby photography session and how you wish to capture your baby in the photos. Your photographer will have many ideas, props, and advice on how to get some stunning photographs you will treasure forever.