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Making Memories During Your Pregnancy

For many parents-to-be, the excitement of a new person joining the family starts during pregnancy. Although pregnancy can have its ups and downs, the 9 months before your baby is born is very special and many families like to treasure this time, watching the baby bump grow and preparing for the arrival of your new baby.

One way to capture this special time as a Pregnant woman is by taking photos with a professional photographer over the nine months of your pregnancy. This is a pregnancy stages photoshoot, where photos of your bump are taken as it grows and transformed into a beautiful photographic series. Taking pregnancy photos can be a wonderful way to remember your pregnancy and a special memento to show your baby one day when they are older.

As more people enjoy sharing their pregnancy development on social media, a month-by-month pregnancy stages photo session can offer a more intimate way to share your pregnancy progress.

In this article (blog), we will discuss the stages of pregnancy and the types of pregnancy photos you could take at each stage while your baby develops.

First Trimester-  4 – 12 Weeks

The first trimester is an exciting time, as you find out you are pregnant and your pregnancy journey begins. Pregnancy during the first 12 weeks can be a very special time for couples, as most people wait to share the news once they reach that 12-week milestone.

A first-trimester photo is a great idea to capture a photograph of your pregnancy belly before your bump starts to show. It can also be an excellent opportunity to take some great photos of you and your partner. This could be a happy photo of you showing off your ultrasound scan or an intimate photo of the two of you embracing at the start of your parenting journey.

For many pregnant women, a photo of them in their first trimester is a great way to capture early pregnancy feelings and emotions. It is also a brilliant way to capture how your body looks before your baby starts to develop and get bigger.


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A good way to create a theme during a pregnancy stages photo shoot is to wear the same outfit in all your photos. This will give a dramatic effect as your belly grows, so choose a comfortable outfit and something that you will be able to wear at both 12 weeks and 39 weeks. Talk to your photographer about the style you are looking for, however, a plain white shirt or vest with leggings or jeans, will look classic and will allow you to show off your stomach as it grows.

Second Trimester – 13 – 26 weeks

During the second trimester, most pregnant women see a big change in how their pregnant belly looks. As the foetus continues to grow at a rapid rate, your growing belly will change a lot between 13 to 26 weeks.

There are many opportunities to take some beautiful pregnancy photos before the birth, as your baby and your bump grow rapidly.

During the second trimester, some parents-to-be choose to find out the gender of their baby. This is a wonderful photo opportunity that can be worked into the photo shoot. Your photographer may have some cute props you could use, or you and your partner could coordinate in the same outfit with matching coloured t-shirts for a gender reveal photo.

You can fit a few different photo shoots into the second trimester, taking pregnancy photos every 3 weeks to show how your baby is growing inside your pregnant belly, and how your body is changing. This is the time that you will notice your bump become more noticeable and by the end of the second trimester your belly will look beautiful and round.

The beauty of a pregnancy stages photo shoot taken by a professional photographer is the quality of the photos. Of course, you can document your bump growing with photos on your phone, however, a photographer will take high-quality images that you will be able to cherish long after your baby has been born.

You can also play around with different poses for each picture, before deciding on the best image for the series. Your photographer will help you style the shoot, with attractive backgrounds and flattering lighting. During the photo shoot, you can pause for breaks and collaborate with the photographer to achieve images you love.

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Third Trimester 27 – 40 weeks

The final trimester for many pregnant women is a special time as they get closer to meeting their baby. Expectant mothers will be noticeably pregnant during this phase and your baby will be very active with lots of kicks and wiggles.

The third trimester is a lovely time to take those final pregnancy photos of your beautiful baby bump as it finishes growing but no later than the eighth month. It can be a great time for you to also take photos with your partner as you prepare to welcome your baby. The outfit you wore in your first photo may be tighter, and you can pull up your t-shirt to show off your beautiful pregnant belly.


If you have any small toys or outfits you have bought for your baby you could pose with them in the final pictures, in preparation for a photo with these items when your baby is born.

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Your Baby’s Arrival

By the end of your nine months of pregnancy, you will have taken a set of stunning pregnancy pictures following your baby’s development. Once your baby is born you could continue to capture your journey into parenthood with a beautiful newborn photo shoot.

A photo of your gorgeous baby, you and your partner could feature at the end of the pregnancy photo shoot series and then you can also have a separate photo shoot for just your baby.

Many parents choose to celebrate the arrival of their baby into the world with a newborn photo shoot that captures all those fabulous tiny baby details such as their little toes and fingernails. Newborns are very sleepy when they are first born, so it is the perfect time to capture them when they are teeny tiny, and all scrunched up.

Over the last nine months, you will have also made a wonderful connection with your photographer and they will be the perfect person to document your baby’s first few weeks of life.

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Final Thoughts

Pregnancy is a special time for many women and although it can last a little over nine months, it also passes by in the blink of an eye. Once your baby arrives all the focus will be on them and quite rightly. However, a pregnancy stages photo shoot focuses on the mother and all the changes she goes through before the baby is born. A pregnant photo shoot series with a professional photographer is the perfect way to make some stunning memories of your pregnancy that you will look back on and treasure for a lifetime.