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The Day Pato Banton Came The Studio

Pato Banton is a British reggae artist who has been active since the early 1980s. He gained international recognition in the late 1980s and early 1990s with hits such as Baby Come Back (a duet with UB40) and Bubbling Hot. He is known for his positive and uplifting lyrics and his use of storytelling in his songs. He has collaborated with other notable reggae artists such as Sting and  Ranking Roger. Pato Banton has also been involved in various humanitarian and social causes, such as promoting peace and environmental awareness. He continues to tour and record music, and his legacy in the world of reggae music is cemented with his unique style and message of love and unity.

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Pato came with his family of 5 generations his Mom, Daughter Grandson, and Great-Grandchild for a family photoshoot 

A 5 generations family photoshoot is a special occasion filled with joy and appreciation for family history. It’s an opportunity for different generations to come together, celebrate what has been, and look forward to the future. The experience is a time to reflect and remember shared memories that will last forever.

One of the joys of a 5 generations family photoshoot is observing the distinct characteristics of each generation. The elders are respected and have so much wisdom to share. They are admired for the hard work they have put to raise future generations. The parents and the middle generations serve as the bridge between the old and new, relaying the knowledge shared by the elders to the younger ones.

The young ones bring contagious energy and joy, reminding the family of the promise of the future. Overall, a 5 generations family photoshoot is a time to appreciate the present moment, the family’s journey through the years, and their plans for the future.

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I didn’t know Pato was coming to the studio, his daughter had booked the shoot. she arrived first and said, “My dad is on his way you probably know him”.

I said what do you mean? Then she told me it was Pato and I was very surprised. 

I remember listening and clubbing to his music in the 90s and was an honor to have him at the studio.

The shoot was amazing even though I was a bit star-struck 

Such a nice man with a wonderful family.

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