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Including Your Dog In Your Photoshoot

Why You Should Include Your Dog in Your Photoshoot


Should I include my dog in my family photoshoot? In short yes! Of course.


Any dog owner will tell you that their dog is considered an important part of the family, so it’s no surprise that many people want to include their beloved dog in their family photographs.


There are many amazing ways you can include your dog in your professional photographs, beautifully capturing the bond between you and your pet. As a professional photographer who has taken many photos of owners with their dogs, I can tell you that including your dog in your family photographs has many benefits.

From newborn photography to stunning portraits of you and your dog, in this article, we will explore all the ways you can include your canine friend.

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Why Should I Include The Dog?

Your dog is a beloved member of your family, and having them in the photos allows you to capture that special bond that you share.

  • Including your dog in family portraits adds an extra layer of meaning to your photographs. It also provides a snapshot of your family at a specific moment in time, when your pet played an important part in your family’s history.

Another great reason to include your dog in your professional portraits is the fun and playfulness they will bring.

  • Photographs of you playing with your dog, or posing with them will create some fantastic memories and unique pictures.
  • Dogs have a great way of adding personality and character to photos with their special expressions and natural curiosity, making beautiful images.
  • Of course, they also make some really heartwarming and cute moments that you will enjoy and treasure for years to come.

Including your beloved four-legged friend in your family photoshoot portraits can also capture the beautiful dynamic of your family. You can capture gorgeous images of how each member of the family interacts with your dog, perhaps he is your child’s best friend or your loyal companion. Including your dog in your photos is a great way to showcase the important role they play in your family.

How Can I Include My Dog In My Photos?

If you want to have a family photoshoot with your dog, firstly you should find a photographer who is willing to work with you and your dogs. As a photographer who loves dogs and has included many dogs in professional family portraits, there are many amazing ways you can include your furry friend.Maternity and Newborn Photoshoots

Welcoming home a new baby is a special time for any family, and if you already have a dog they will be an integral part of the family too. If your dog is willing, including them in newborn photographs with your baby can create some truly special moments.

Photographs of your dog lying down next to your baby or of your dog peeking over the side of a Moses basket while the baby sleeps, are just some ideas that will create both sweet photographs and cherished memories. Once your child is older they will be able to look back on these photographs and realise how special their family friend was to them.

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Family Portraits

Taking professional family portrait pictures would be a wonderful way to include your dog in your photographs. An enlarged photo of you with your family, with your dog by your side, would look stunning displayed in your home and will showcase your beautiful bond with your dog.

You could make the photographs more visually interesting by matching your clothing to your dog’s collar or accessories your dog with a classy bow tie.

A family photograph doesn’t always have to include the whole family either. If you live alone with your dog, a photograph of the two of you is also a wonderful way to make memories for you to enjoy, which will become a much-loved image.

Family Photos
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Family photo shoot near me

Special Occasions and Events

Including your dog in photographs of a special event or occasion, is a loving way to show how much you care about them. There are many wonderful events and occasions that your dog can play a special role in, resulting in some gorgeous and individual images. Here are some excellent occasions in which you can include your dog when taking photos:

  • Birthdays

Birthday photoshoots are often centered around a special age or milestone and including your dog in these photographs can make the pictures even more memorable. Your dog plays such a large part in your life, so including them in a birthday photoshoot will feature your loving relationship with them.

  • Engagements

Your dog could play a vital role in an engagement shoot, particularly if you capture the proposal. If you are taking engagement photographs outside, walking your dog through a park could be a lovely idea for a photoshoot.

  • Weddings

If you can include your dog in your wedding you can capture some beautiful wedding photos of you with your dog in your beautiful wedding attire. If your dog is included in the ceremony you could also get some very lovely photographs of them carrying the rings for example or loyally waiting at the altar.

  • Gender Reveal

If you are expecting a baby you should of course include your dog as they will most certainly play a large part in your child’s life. Taking gender reveal photographs will create some gorgeous memories and you can include your dog in the action with gender-coloured collars or leashes.

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Final Thoughts

For many families, the pet dog is an essential part of the family, so it makes sense to include them in your professional family portraits. Whether your dog is a high-energy rascal or a calm and cool companion, they will bring a special presence to your family photographs and no doubt a smile to everybody’s face.

Dogs are loyal, and loving family members who provide unconditional companionship. By having a family pet photoshoot or including them in your precious newborn photographs you are honouring their importance and your love for them. Incorporating your dog into your photos will create a prized glimpse into your family’s past which you will be able to look back on and admire.

By including your furry family member in your photos you will make lasting memories for everyone involved.  So, if you’re considering a family portrait session, don’t forget to include your beloved dog in the photos. You won’t regret it!