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We are an event photographer in Birmingham to cover most events from Corporate Awards to family events.

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Corporate Events

Company awards

Charity ball

Corporate Christmas Party


Fundraising events





Baby Shower

Children’s parties 

Adult birthday parties

School events

Breakdown of the Events We Cover

If you’re interested in finding out more information about the different types of events that we photograph in Birmingham, please read on. We have not given information about each and every event that we photograph, so if there is a specific event you’re interested in, please give us a call.

Corporate and Business Events

We provide expert photography for a wide range of corporate and business events, ensuring that each key moment, from impactful speeches to engaging breakout sessions, is captured with clarity and creativity. Our services are perfectly suited to a range of corporate occasions such as annual general meetings, team building events, business dinners, trade shows, and networking events. We understand the importance of professional imagery in reflecting your company’s brand and the dynamics of your corporate events, capturing both the formal aspects and the lighter, informal interactions that contribute to the event’s success.

Charity Functions and Gala Dinners

Charity events and gala dinners hold a special place in our portfolio, as these occasions call for a sensitive yet celebratory approach to photography. We are skilled in documenting the sophisticated ambience of gala dinners and the heartfelt moments at charity fundraisers. Our photographs not only capture the elegance of these events but also the passion and emotions that drive them. By focusing on the interactions between guests, the meticulous details of the event setup, and the highlights of the evening, we help organisations create a lasting impact and promote their noble causes through compelling imagery.

Private and Social Gatherings

Our photography extends to personal and social events where memories are made and cherished. We cover significant life events such as engagements, milestone birthdays, retirement parties, and intimate wedding celebrations. Our approach is to blend seamlessly into the event, capturing natural and spontaneous expressions and interactions that reveal the true spirit of the occasion. From the laughter shared over old stories to the warmth of friends and family reuniting, we focus on creating a vivid album that encapsulates the essence of your special day.

Community and Cultural Events

We are also proud to offer our photography services for community and cultural events, from local festivals and school fairs to public exhibitions and cultural ceremonies. These events are vibrant and rich with diversity, presenting unique opportunities to capture the community spirit and cultural richness. Our photographers are adept at documenting the dynamic performances, colourful parades, and the communal interactions that define such events. With a respectful and attentive approach, we ensure that the cultural integrity and communal joy are vividly preserved in our photographs.

Hear from our clients


We charge £150 per hour in all instances.

For corporate events, a non-refundable booking fee of £50 is required to secure the date and time.

For small family events, a non-refundable booking fee of £30 is required to secure the date and time.

The booking is not secure until this fee has been received and therefore the date/time is still available should others enquire.


CORPORATE EVENTS: All images will be via digital transfer (Price determined by time spent at event).

FAMILY EVENTS: All images will be presented to the client on a usb at no extra charge. Any additional copies will incur a £10 charge.

Please note travel costs will be charged for any events outside of a 30 mile radius of Birmingham City Centre. This is currently charged at 47p per mile.

Darron Palmer Photography

For Event Photography in Birmingham, Call Darron Palmer

When it comes to event photography in Birmingham, Darron is the one to call. He will take care of all of your needs and requirements, whether it’s fun event photography or more formal event photography. Contact Darron Palmer Photography today; he will assist with all types of event photography and he can also provide you with pricing information.