Making memories to last a lifetime and beyond
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Capturing precious generations at a family shoot

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The process of raising a family feels like time somehow kicks into fast forward and there’s nothing you can do to slow it down. It’s funny how you hear some parents wishing they could press pause and go back to the beautiful moments of their grandparents and great grandparents, seeing their beautiful generation altogether. This is actually why family portraits are very vital in every home. With different family pictures in your home, you get to feel like you’ve stopped time for a while.

Generation shoots are shoots involving multi generation family members that are alive. It can span from taking pictures of the kids up to the 4th generation. The essence of the picture is to keep good memories of the past, present, and future together in one shot.

Memories to look back on

Through the consistent family photo shoot, you’d find yourself looking back at the early days of your life, then you’ll realize that without these images, you wouldn’t be able to show your kids the previous generation before they were born. Aside from your nuclear family, the family portrait should entail the grandparents and even great grandparents. You want your kids to know how your parents and their great grandparents looked if they are no longer with us.

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Family portraits

Family portraits are the most cherished possession in most homes. These amazing portraits you hanging on our walls of your growing family, is something that brings so much joy to us. Coming home to these beautiful pictures after a long day, or going through family photo albums of pictures including you and your generations allows one to see the reality of certain things for a few moments and even get lost in the happy memories of the previous years.

Honestly, there’s nothing like too many photoshoots, particularly if it’s a family photo with generations. Because at some point when you look back at your life, you’ll never regret taking these pictures. But instead, you might regret not taking enough pictures to remember your mother and father.

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Getting the most from your photos

Photos captured during a family photo shoot can be done in a fun way. They can be used for Christmas or birthday cards. You can send them to friends and family yearly, documenting and sharing your family’s growth. They can also be used for setting creative collages that will look great on your walls at home. Also on a large screen at a family event.

Family photoshoots will help you remember and cherish times spent with your family so far, maybe your mother, father or loved ones.  At times, it could be a challenge to gather your friends for a photoshoot, times like this are important. You’ve to be capturing multi generational family members in one stunning series of portraits.The whole family poses in a different setting maybe on location or in a studio, with striking images featuring the family together depicting love and happiness in the family with the right guidance from a professional photographer.



A family photo shoot connects the family, by letting your children see photos from the past and present, which makes them quite connected to their own story. As time moves on, it is these memories of family we’ll love documenting the most. Family portraits tend to manifest emotions that words can’t. This is why you have to print your family photos so you can hang them in your home, with the help of a professional photographer, who should be able to document memories regularly as your children grow and develop. It’s sad hearing kids saying they didn’t get to see their grandparents because you didn’t take pictures with them while they were alive. It’s important that during a family shoot, you try to should have all generations in the shoot at some point pets and always be included if you wanted as they can also be classed as a family member.

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