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Gender Reveal Photoshoot

As many parents enjoy finding out the gender of their baby at their ultrasound scan it has become trendy for parents to host a gender reveal party and take gender reveal photographs. A gender reveal photo shoot can be a fun and exciting way for parents to celebrate their baby and a beautiful way to bond as a family before your baby’s birth.

At a professional gender reveal photoshoot, you can celebrate the gender of your baby with a creative photo session, with many props and options to make the gender reveal fun and playful or elegant and classic. You can also hire a professional photographer to attend your gender reveal party to capture the excitement of discovering your baby’s gender.

Often parents like to video their gender reveal, which can be visually very creative. However, having a professional photographer on hand to capture the moment you announce the gender, will create a beautiful memory that you can display in your home or even in your baby’s nursery.

If you would like to book a gender reveal photo shoot but you are unsure what to expect, this article will tell you everything you need to know before your shoot, including tips for the day of the photoshoot and plenty of ideas on how to reveal your child’s gender.

Plan Your Gender Reveal Photo Shoot In Advance

Do you want your photos to be playful and fun with lots of quirky props or are you looking for an elegant photo shoot with intimate moments with your partner?


To get the most out of your gender reveal photoshoot make sure to plan the style of your shoot with your photographer in advance. Many parents-to-be have a specific style in mind or an idea of how they want their photos to look.


  • Pinterest is a great tool for helping you to discover the style you are looking for and it is a great way to share your vision with your photographer.
  • Talk to your photographer about the style you are looking for. Your photographer will have lots of experience taking photos of couples and will know what works best in front of the camera.
  • There are some wonderful props you can use during a gender reveal photo shoot that will create some stunning pictures:
    • Gender-coloured confetti cannons and smoke bombs can create spectacular photographic effects and will give you dramatic photos.
    • Pink balloons and blue balloons pop revealing the colour inside can also look visually stunning in photographs.

  • You can also ask your photographer to edit your photos in black and white, leaving only the smoke or the confetti in colour revealing the gender and creating a striking image of you and your partner.
gender reveal photo shoot
gender reveal photoshoot
gender reveal photo shoot near me
gender reveal photo shoot near me

Gender Reveal Parties

If you are hiring a photographer to attend a gender reveal party it is helpful to brief your photographer on the following so they are prepared on the day:

  • Inform your photographer of the plan on how you are revealing the gender so they are prepared for any balloon pops or smoke bombs, or big surprises.
  • Let your photographer know if the gender of your baby is a secret to you and your partner so your photographer can capture those surprised looks on your face when the gender is revealed.
  • Tell your photographer who will be attending your party. If the grandparents or baby’s older siblings are attending, your photographer can make sure to include special photos of these important guests.
  • Give your photographer a list of any little details you may want to capture on the day. This could include decorations, the gender reveal cake before and after it has been cut, and pictures of you and your partner before the gender is revealed.

Location Location Location

Consider the location of your gender reveal photo shoot and the types of backdrops you would like.

  • An outdoor location will provide the best natural lighting and give you plenty of space to use props and visual effects. This could be in your favourite park or even on a beach.
  • If you are planning to hold the photoshoot or party indoors then consider where the best areas for photos are. If this is in your own home then choose an area with lots of natural light and space. Make sure to decorate and tidy the area you are intending to take photos in.
  • If you are booking a venue to have your gender reveal party then ask the venue about the best photographic areas. Alternatively, you could ask to visit the venue in person to plan out the best areas to reveal the gender and take photos.
  • Taking gender-reveal photos in a studio will have a different feel to those taken in a natural home setting or during a party. A studio photoshoot can be more intimate and playful and as it will just be the two of you and the photographer.
gender reveal photoshoot near me
gender reveal photoshoot near me

Plan Your Outfits.

The style of your outfits will play a large part in how your photos will look, so take into consideration your theme and how you can plan your outfits to coordinate or complement each other.

If you are having a gender reveal party you could get your guests involved by asking friends and family to wear blue or pink depending on what they think the gender will be. This is a fun idea that will look great in photos and create a talking point amongst the guests.

For a photoshoot, neutral outfits look great on camera and you and your partner can match in similar tones. However, if you are planning a fun and creative gender reveal photoshoot you can have some fun with your outfits. Perhaps the dad can wear pink and the mum can wear blue, or you can coordinate in matching slogan t-shirts.

If you are planning a more elegant and classic gender reveal photoshoot you may want to dress more formally. Mum can wear a simple dress and dad could wear a suit, allowing the colour of the gender reveal to pop on camera, especially if you are thinking of doing black and white photos.

Finally, Have Fun!

A baby gender reveal photoshoot or party is meant to be a fun way to celebrate your pregnancy and the new addition to your family. Enjoy the experience of revealing your baby’s gender and have fun with your partner, family, and friends. Your photographer will be able to capture the event perfectly and create some everlasting memories for you to look back on and cherish.