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How can a confidence shoot help?

For various reasons, some people have low self-confidence. They are just shy and may see themselves differently from how other people see them. These feelings can decrease their confidence even further. Having a photo shoot can boost your confidence and give you photos you would never have thought possible. Although the thought of having a photo shoot may be the last thing you want to do, many have found it to be a great way of letting go of those inner fears and allowing their real, amazing self to shine through.

girl showing no confidance

A good photographer should be able to help put you at ease and give you the direction you need to overcome your low self-esteem. They will know exactly what to do to make you feel  comfortable in your own skin, particularly if you are feeling insecure about how you look.

Some women lack the confidence to have their pictures taken because they feel their body has changed after childbirth. But childbirth is an amazing thing, and you should be proud of how it may have changed your look, albeit temporarily. Other people may have other insecurities about the way they look, but everyone has the right to feel beautiful, and taking part in a photoshoot is a great way to help you feel this.

Are there ways I can increase my confidence?

Yes, there are many things you can do to increase your confidence, even before the photoshoot takes place.

Be prepared for the shoot. You may choose to have a professional makeover and your hair done before the shoot, you may decide to do that yourself, or you may just want to be as natural as possible. Whatever you decide, do what makes you feel your best. Choose clothes that you feel great in. Maybe choose a few different outfits, from casual to completely glamorous! Doing these things in preparation for the shoot can be a start to making you feel much more confident in yourself.

Maybe you just really can’t face having photos taken all by yourself. You don’t have to! You can include anyone you want, such as your partner, children, other family members, or friends. Being with the people you love and feel comfortable with can bring you a sense of warmth and security. It can also take the spotlight off you if you really don’t like it.Discuss with the photographer beforehand what you have in mind. You may want to keep it simple, or you might decide you want to have a full-on glamour shot, or a bit of both! Where do you want the photos to take place? In the studio or a favourite location? Discussing these things with your photographer in advance will make sure you are both on the same page, and turning up early will contribute to a relaxed, calm atmosphere.

Smile! This might sound obvious, but studies suggest that when you smile, it increases feelings of confidence and happiness, and reduces feelings of stress.Don’t worry too much if at first you feel awkward. Just try to go with the flow, follow the direction from the photographer and you will soon find that you are actually having fun!

Now all you have to do is turn up and let the photographer work his magic! try to relax, let those inhibitions go, and enjoy yourself!