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Moments to capture at your wedding

A wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most special celebrations of one’s life. This is a day that you will want to capture for the rest of your lives, so it deserves careful forethought and planning. A good photographer will have his own checklist, but it’s still a good idea to create your own, especially if you want certain people, objects or other key elements captured. Here is a list of some moments you will want captured on your day to give to your photographer:
  • Bridal preparation
This is a crucial part of the day to be photographed. Moments of the bride and any bridesmaids getting ready for the occasion are always a wonderful time to look back on. The photographer will take mostly candid shots of all the little nuances and details as these things take place, such as the hair and makeup being done, the accessories and shoes, and the wedding dress being adjusted.  
  • Groom preparation
It’s the groom’s special day too! Photos of the groom, his best man and any groomsmen getting ready will be an important part of this day. Again, these should be mostly candid shots of any preparation, such as having their hair groomed, putting on their suits and ties, and, very importantly, that buttonhole flower being attached!
  • The bride walking down the aisle
This moment is indeed a unique and special one – your photographer should consider capturing this beautiful moment from different angles, making sure that he/she also captures the groom’s reaction when the bride walks in.  
  • The first kiss
This is a moment the photographer needs to be ready for as soon as the couple are declared man and wife. He/she should be in exactly the right position to catch this special scene and take the shot at just the right time, as some couples prefer just a quick peck on the lips!
  • The bride and groom
The next thing the photographer will capture is the newly married couple as they turn to the audience. He/she will capture those happy, beaming smiles as the audience claps and celebrates this most joyous of events. After that, there will be many more photos of the couple taken. Your photographer will ask you well in advance of the day what type of scenes you want for these photos. You will discuss things such as location, positions, mood – do you want serious and solemn or something a little more lighthearted and humorous? You will want many posed photos, but you will also want some candid ones taken too.
  • The signing of the register
Believe it or not, after the vows have been said, this is the most important part of a wedding. If you walked away without signing the register, you wouldn’t be married in the eyes of the law! So, for good reason, this part of the ceremony is an important part to photograph; in fact, signing of the register photos have become quite a tradition in the UK. Interestingly, most officiants will say that the actual signing of the register is not allowed for data protection reasons, so the couple will have to stage a fake signing! If you don’t want this photo included, or if you would like it taken in a special or unique way, just let your photographer know.
  • Family
These photos are essential to any wedding album. Again, this should be left to the photographer to arrange, but if you have any special requests, make sure you let your him/her know before the day.
  • Candid shots
Most people know about the main parts of the day that need documenting, but sometimes they fail to have those little moments throughout the day captured that might seem insignificant or mundane at the time, but when looked back on in years to come, really add that extra dimension, bringing back those memories of the day that you may have forgotten about, or revealing things you may have completely missed. That’s where good candid photographs are absolutely priceless. They are a way of making sure that these precious moments are captured forever. Photos of the couple and their guests, some of them in black and white, as they all enjoy this day together will be precious to look back on, as they will add a very poignant touch to your special day.
  • Cake cutting
This is another significant part of your wedding that should be captured. Shots of the cake before being cut will be taken, and then of the happy couple cutting into it.
  • First dance
This is another greatly anticipated moment for the couple and guests. It depicts the love and unity between the newlyweds, and it’s another part of this special day that you will never want to forget!