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Print vs Digital Photographs

Printed photographs and digital photographs both have their advantages and can each serve a different function. Whether you choose to print your beautiful photos or enjoy them digitally entirely depends on what you wish to use your photographs for. The subject of your photograph can also play a large part in deciding whether to print your photos or keep them digitally.

Whether you want to proudly display your stunning printed photographs or cherish your photographs in digital format, we will discuss in this article the advantages of printing your photographs, and the advantages of keeping them digital.

So if you are still deciding whether to print your photographs or whether to keep them digitally, this article will help you decide what is best for your beautiful images.

Print photos:

There are many great reasons to print out your photographs, especially if you choose to display your images. Printing your photographs allows your photos to become physical and creates a different way in which you use your photos.


Below are some great reasons why you should print out your photographs.

  • Your photos become physical objects. Printed images can be held, displayed, and shared with others. This changes the relationship you have with your photographs as they become more personal than digital photos.
  • Aesthetics: Printed images often have a unique look and feel that can be appreciated for their texture, colour, and other physical characteristics.
  • Looking at a printed photograph can create a range of emotions as the viewer connects with the photograph in a way they wouldn’t be able to do viewing the image through a screen.
  • Security. A printed photograph can last for a lifetime if they are stored correctly, and unlike digital images, can not be corrupted. Once an image is printed it can be easier to keep safe and secure.
  • Gift-giving: Printed photos can make wonderful gifts for family members and friends. You can choose to gift a special photograph, beautifully framed, for a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, or holiday.
  • Vibrancy. Printing your photographs brings them to life and gives your photographs vibrancy. You can appreciate the details and tones of a photograph when you have it printed out in front of you.
  • Size matters. Creating a beautiful photograph does not end once you have clicked the button. A part of creating a stunning image is displaying it in the best way possible and this can include printing it. An impressive landscape will look more impressive as a printed image, blown up to a large scale, than on a small smartphone screen where often the details are lost.
  • Never forgotten. How many times have you taken a photograph and then forgotten about it? The likelihood is that unless you print your photographs out, display them, or put them somewhere you can access them, it’s easy to forget about them. Printing out a photo allows the subject and the emotions of the images to never be forgotten.
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In summary, printing your photographs can provide a beautiful, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing way to enjoy your images. Printing your photographs allows you to share your images in a more personal way, giving them as meaningful gifts or using them within your home as wonderful decor.

Digital photos

There are many great reasons to print your photographs, however, keeping them in a digital format has its own unique advantages. Keeping your photographs in digital format offers you a wide range of ways to use your images, in ways you could not with a printed photo.

Below are some excellent reasons to keep your photographs as digital copies.

  • Convenience: As the majority of the population owns a smartphone digital photos are easy to access and view. Smartphones can now take excellent quality photographs and include large storage options, allowing you to access your photos quickly wherever you are.
  • Editing: Digital photographs can be edited using apps or specific editing software. By keeping your photos digital you will be able to adjust lighting, colour saturation, and details within the photos many times over.
  • Affordability: Taking and storing digital photos is much cheaper than printing photographs. Unless you have a photo printer at home, finding the right place to print your photos can be difficult and the cost can mount up. Keeping your photos digital allows you to enjoy them easily and cheaply on smartphones or computers.
  • Accessibility: Keeping your photographs in a digital format allows you to easily share them with others. This can include sending them via email to family and friends or sharing them via social media and other online platforms. Digital photos can also be easily shared across long distances.
  • Backup: Although digital photos can not be physically stored they can be backed up to multiple places ensuring your images are safe and secure in case of technical failures or other disasters.
  • Searchability: Digital images can be easily organised and searched using software tools, making it easy to find specific photos or create collections based on different themes or subjects.
  • Functional. Digital photographs are more functional due to their shareability. Digital photographs can be used in videos, adverts, or used online to illustrate and complement written text. Digital images make an advert or information online more visually appealing and often digital photographs are more impactful than text.
  • Business function. Many businesses use digital photographs in many ways. Whether this is on their website or whether the photos themselves are the business. This is particularly true for anyone working in social media, fashion, or the arts, where sharing images digitally can generate income. Digital images are also widely used commercially in adverts and as part of a company’s branding.
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In summary, keeping your photos in a digital format can offer a variety of impressive options for their use allowing your photographs to have a big impact. Whether you are using digital photographs for business or personal use, having a digital version of your photos can make sharing them easier and more enjoyable.

Final Thoughts

There are many excellent reasons both for printing your photographs and keeping them in digital format. Each way offers different ways to use your photographs and whether you choose to print them or keep them digital largely depends on their intended use.

Printed photographs are beautiful physical keepsakes, which can be shared personally or displayed showing their vivid details. Whereas digital photos have a more functional use in business and allow you to easily access and store many photos at once.

Choosing what to do with your photographs will largely depend on their intended use and whether you choose to print them or not, you can enjoy your beautiful photographs in either format.