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Why photographs of you and your team are a necessary

Brand awareness is just as important for small businesses as it is for bigger names. In fact, some corporate brands even try to make themselves look like smaller companies so that they can appeal to consumers who prefer to support small, local businesses, especially in today’s climate where so many small businesses are struggling.

So, where do you begin? Branding is much more than just using a logo or a catchphrase; it’s a way of defining your business, it’s your business identity, which embodies the core of what your business is and its values. How can you achieve this?


Displaying images of yourself and your team is a great way of showing who you are as a company. These are much more than just photographs – they are a marketing tool. When someone is looking up a product or service on the internet, being able to actually see the people who they will potentially be interacting with naturally draws them in. It adds that human element that would otherwise be missing from a website or a social media page with just a load of words.

What kinds of photographs work for brand awareness? Here are three types of photos that work really well:


This is a great way to show who each individual person is in your team. It can include a small bio explaining what role the person has in your company, and any other information you want to include, but you will want to keep that to a minimum. It’s all about the photo! It’s been said that when an interviewee walks into the office, the interviewer makes a judgement about them in that first few seconds before they’ve even had a conversation! Likewise with your headshot, make that first impression count and smile naturally. That smile will speak a thousand words. You can choose to have the shoot in colour, black and white, or even sepia. You can get creative with it, so just tell your photographer the look you are going for before the session. For headshots, it’s best to have everyone in the team photographed the same way, so that when they are all put together on a web page it looks neat and professional.

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company photoshoot headshot b&w
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company photoshoot headshot b&w

Working environment shots

Photos of you and everyone in your team working together is an excellent way to show the outside world what goes on inside your little (or big!) hub. When you let people in on the inner workings of your company, it inspires confidence in your business and brand. It’s a way of telling your story, and for viewers to get a real feel for the culture of your company.

company photoshoot meeting b&w
company photoshoot meeting b&w
company photoshoot meeting b&w
company photoshoot meeting b&w

Team Shot

This shot could be taken at the photographer’s studio, but more recently, companies are realising that having the team shot taken at their business location is another great way to raise brand awareness. Having a background that is relevant to what you do is naturally appealing and interesting. These shots can be formal or more humorous and playful and can really show the personality of your team. On-location team photos are another great way to connect with clients in a positive way.

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Do you need compelling photography to tell your company’s story? Let me help. I love finding unique ways to capture the feel of your business and tell your story. Contact me today to see how I can help you.