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Why Have an Engagement Shoot?

Having an engagement shoot is a great way to get to know your photographer before they take the photos on your big day. Wedding photography is one of the most important parts of this very special occasion, so getting a feel for your photographer beforehand, getting to know them and how they work will go some way towards making you feel relaxed when it comes to capturing you at your best on the day. The same goes for the photographer – if they have already worked with you as a couple, they will also already know what works for you and what doesn’t. Having that good rapport with your photographer will only contribute to the smooth running of things on the special day.

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Professional engagement shoots have been growing in popularity in the last ten years or so. It was not that long ago that most couples would either get engaged privately, and maybe show off the ring to family and friends after, or they would have an engagement party which would include some engagement photos of the happy occasion. But since the advent of social media and all the amazing edits and special effects that can now be applied, couples have realised that they can turn the images from this very special occasion into a beautiful keepsake that they can instantly share with family and friends around the world.

You may still wonder, though, why go to all the trouble of having an engagement photoshoot when we’re going to have some lovely photos of us on our wedding day? Well, the engagement photography is usually very different from wedding photography. How? For a start, they are very much more relaxed. Although you will be extremely happy on your wedding day, tensions will still be high. There will be quite a bit of pressure on you both to be smiling all the time for your guests and for the photographer, and it can all feel a bit regimented. After a while, you will feel your face start to ache! Believe me, it’s true!

With an engagement photo shoot, all of that pressure is off. Most of these photos will be natural and unposed. The perfect opportunity to choose a favorite spot you want, such as where you got engaged, a beautiful park, or another location that has special meaning for you both with a beautiful background. Having an engagement shoot is a great way just to have fun together and let the love you have for each other naturally shine through. A good photographer will be able to capture this well. They will have a good idea of what natural poses work for you as a couple and will be able to guide you and give you top tips. There won’t be any wedding guests there looking at you both expectantly, there won’t be a schedule to keep to, or anywhere you have to be at a certain time. This shoot is just about the two of you and the love you share together and will capture you when you feel comfortable


Most couples decide that, since the wedding photos will be very formal, they want the engagement photos to be much more natural, to show them just as they are, so they opt for more casual clothes maybe some matching outfits. You could have a look online to get an idea of what to wear for these photos, but whatever you decide, choose clothes that you feel comfortable in, and that you know you feel and look good in.Obviously, you will want the photographer to capture a beautiful shot of the ring, and then after that, they will be focusing on you two as a couple. Just relax and have fun! You will have these beautiful pictures to cherish and share for a lifetime and beyond!

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