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Black and White vs Colour Photographs

Black and white and colour photographs each have their own unique aesthetic and can be used to communicate different effects and emotions. Whether to use black and white or colour photography depends on the subject matter and the intended effect. Both types of photography have their own strengths and can be used to create powerful and impactful images.

Black and white images are often associated with a sense of timelessness, and elegance. They can create a beautiful contrast between light and dark, which can be used to convey a sense of intimacy. Black and white photographs can also be used to highlight details and form, as the lack of colour can draw attention to specific elements of the image. This is particularly useful for portrait photography.

Colour photographs, however, are more vibrant and lively. They can convey a sense of playfulness that black and white photographs cannot. Colour photographs are particularly beautiful for newborn photography, and gender-reveal photos with traditional boy and girl hues are highlighted, making the photos come alive.

Black and White Photographs – When to Use Them and Why

Black and white photographs are beautiful and classic. They are perfect for capturing emotions and creating intimacy within a photograph. Without the presence of colour, the subject of a black and white photo is emphasised and becomes the main focus of the image.

Taking black-and-white photos can also allow you to be more creative with certain elements of the photograph such as lighting, shadows, and highlights. A professional photographer will be able to create stunning images in black and white, picking out interesting details in the subject and controlling the focus of the photograph.

Black-and-white photography can be particularly effective in portrait and maternity photography, bringing a beautiful simplicity to photographs. By removing the distractions of colour your photographer will be able to take photos of your newborn that have depth and highlight the tiny details of your baby’s fingernails or pretty eyelashes.


For maternity photography a black-and-white option can create a striking visual effect, focusing the image on the shape of your baby bump and creating an intimate moment. This is particularly wonderful in couple photography too, especially if you choose to include your partner in your maternity shoot. Your photographer will be able to create some stunning photographs of your pregnancy that will look elegant and classic, allowing you to enjoy them for a lifetime.

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Black and white photos don’t have to always be dramatic. You can take advantage of the monochromatic look during a group photoshoot, or family portrait making the image more visually interesting with black and white clothing. A black and white photo can make a group photo look more cohesive and create a playful element in the photo, with everyone laughing or smiling, the focus will be on the group and not the colours of the photo.

In summary, black and white photography can be used to create a timeless, and dramatic effect or highlight the playfulness of a subject. Black and white photos are perfect for capturing tiny details, in a newborn photoshoot or emphasising specific shapes or contrasts. The lack of colour draws attention to other elements of the image, which can create a more impactful and dynamic image.

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Colour Photographs – When to Use Them and Why

Colour photographs can be used to create a realistic, vibrant, and lively look. They can convey special emotions through the colours they portray and offer a sense of depth and dimension to an image.

Colour photography can be visually stunning and used in a variety of ways. In newborn photography, colour images can capture different details that may be lost with black-and-white photography. When photographing newborns in colour a professional photographer can capture the gorgeous natural skin tones and eye colours, creating a vibrant portrait of your baby. This is even more stunning when you include the parents in the shoot and you can capture the similarities in eye colour or contrast in skin tone, creating a warm family story through a photo.

Colour photography is at its best during a family portrait session or event, especially one where people usually wear extravagant outfits or traditional national dress. Colour photography is also perfect for a native clothing photoshoot as the colours in the image convey important details in the clothing and communicate mood and history.


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If you are looking for images that capture the subject’s personality and emotions, then a colour photo shoot is the ideal option, and can help tell an important part of a story. For example, colour images are vital in a gender reveal photoshoot, or party, where the most important element of the reveal is usually the traditional gender colours of blue and pink. Taking photos in full colour will also reveal the emotions and joy of your friends and family members perfectly, creating wonderful memories.

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Cake Smash photography

Colour photography, unlike black and white photos, is also fun, communicating energy, and is ideal for capturing playful images. Colour photos are the preferred choice for a first birthday shoot, capturing your baby smashing a colourful iced cake, freezing the warm and cheerful colours, of their smile and laughter for you to cherish for years to come.

In summary, colour photography can be used to create a beautiful, vibrant, and playful look in family portraits, newborn photography, and first birthday photo shoots. The colours in the image can help to convey mood, atmosphere, and emotion, which can create a more visually appealing and stunning image.



Final Thoughts

Both types of photography have their strengths and can create stunning visual images of their subjects. Depending on the type of image, and style you wish to create will determine whether colour or black-and-white photography is right for you. Discussing this with your photographer will be very useful as the setup for black and white photos can differ from that of a colour photograph. Black and white photographs can offer you a timeless effect with a creative flair whereas colour photography can create lively images capturing motion and a playful element.

Regardless of which type of photography you choose, you will have a wonderful time creating beautiful memories and creating impressive images you will be able to treasure.