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Making Memories During Your Pregnancy

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Making Memories During Your Pregnancy For many parents-to-be, the excitement of a new person joining the family starts during pregnancy. Although pregnancy can have its ups and downs, the 9 months before your baby is born is very special and many families like to treasure this time, watching the baby bump grow and preparing for […]

Including Your Dog in Your Photoshoot

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Including Your Dog In Your Photoshoot Why You Should Include Your Dog in Your Photoshoot   Should I include my dog in my family photoshoot? In short yes! Of course.   Any dog owner will tell you that their dog is considered an important part of the family, so it’s no surprise that many people […]

Reasons to Buy a Photography Gift Card

Darron Palmer Photography Gift Card

Reasons To Buy A Photography Gift Card If you are looking for a special gift for someone, a photography gift card may be the perfect present. A photography gift card with a professional photographer is a wonderful gift for a friend or family member in your life and can be the ideal gift to help […]

Black and White vs Colour Photographs

Colour vs black and white

Black and White vs Colour Photographs Black and white and colour photographs each have their own unique aesthetic and can be used to communicate different effects and emotions. Whether to use black and white or colour photography depends on the subject matter and the intended effect. Both types of photography have their own strengths and […]

Gender Reveal Photoshoot

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Gender Reveal Photoshoot As many parents enjoy finding out the gender of their baby at their ultrasound scan it has become trendy for parents to host a gender reveal party and take gender reveal photographs. A gender reveal photo shoot can be a fun and exciting way for parents to celebrate their baby and a […]

Reasons why you should have a maternity photoshoot

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Reasons why you should have a maternity photoshoot Photoshoots are done for pleasure. Most times, people do a photo shoot to make themselves happy, to see the changes they have undergone over the years, and to remember certain dates. Since there are lots of reasons for photoshoots, the question that needs to be answered is, “Why […]